About AZ Disruptors

AZ Disruptors is a startup incubator for software companies.

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The Idea

AZ Disruptors is a software incubator dedicated to helping software startups in Arizona become more successful. Selected companies will get access to office space, desks, chairs, Internet, mentors, legal advice and $20,000 cash to help build successful software companies.

Do I have to give up control of my company?

No. We are not interested in taking control of any startups. We strongly believe that the founders of a tech firm should maintain majority ownership and have an active role in its operations and strategic direction. AZ Disruptors will take no more than 10% equity in any new startup.

What is the ideal AZ Disruptors startup?

AZ Disruptors will consider any software startup for incubation. However, startups that meet the following market criteria: 

  • Crowded market
  • No dominant player
  • Lots of money being spent on existing solutions

and who can demonstrate the ability to create a solution that has these elements when compared to existing solutions:

  • Easier
  • Faster
  • Cheaper

will have a huge advantage and a likely candidate for AZ Disruptors incubation. To learn more, read this article.

Who is behind this?

Axosoft founder, Hamid Shojaee (email hamids at axosoft dotcom) is the founder of AZ Disruptors. However, there are a number of others who are a part of the growing team. We'll be writing more about them as we continue to develop this site.

When will it start?

Application deadline to participate as a software startup in the AZ Disruptors is April 29th, 2011. 

We expect to have the first software startups operational in May of 2011.

Where is AZ disruptors located?

 The AZ Disruptors headquarters are currently under construction adjacent to Axosoft offices near the 101 Freeway and Raintree in North Scottsdale.