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AZ Disruptor Companies Announced

It was 5 months ago on January 14th when I posted Let's Get This Party Started, AZ Disruptors' first post announcing our Software Incubator and the construction of an additional 6,000 sq ft space adjacent to Axosoft's offices bringing our total office space to more than 12,000 sq ft.

In those 5 months, we've finished the construction of the new office space, hosted a number of lunch events, talked at numerous local tech gatherings, exposed a local tech company accused of text message scams and brought together 15 great local tech startups for the AZ Disruptors Pitch Day.

The Pitch Day proved to be a huge success. In front of a packed house full of angels, entrepreneurs and techies, each of the 15 startups showed their stuff. There was quite a bit of surprise in the room as to the quality of the companies that were presenting. Most people didn't think such companies existed in Arizona.

We plan to change that perspective. There is a tremendous amount of great talent here. All they need is the support systems to help make software startups more successful.

Of the group of 15 startups that pitched, we are excited to announce two that will be joining the AZ Disruptors incubator:

Blogic.com - Blogic is a blogging engine for companies that already have a web site and want to add a blog that matches their current web site design. Users can provide Blogic with the URL to their current web site and Blogic will magically create a blog that mimics the look, feel and navigation of their existing site within seconds. There is a real need out there for such a service. We currently have this problem for both of our companies, Axosoft and TransferBigFiles.com. Adding a blog that looks like your existing site can be a huge pain and we think Blogic is going to be in high demand once it makes its service public. Right now, they are taking email addresses for those who want to be first to take advantage of the private beta when that becomes available. When blogic presented at the Pitch Day, the tentative name was Nounc'd.
MemberDesk - Provides simple web site creation for anyone wanting to sell monthly subscriptions of content such as eBooks, video, newsletters, etc. The software makes the management of such a web site and the collection of recurring monthly subscriptions super easy. MemberDesk already has a V1 product with dozens of paying customers, which is a fantastic place to start. We think the demand for this type of service is going to continue to raise as more and more content providers want to have subscription based revenue streams for their services (rather than one-time payments). MemberDesk is already signing up customers.

Some of you might be asking "what happened to having 5 startups in the incubator?" The answer to that is a combination of factors which included:

  • Lack of readiness to commit full-time
  • The need for at least one technical co-founder
  • Poor timing for some of the startups

Of our final 15 pitches (remember, we started with 58 applicants), we liked and approached 7 startups: MemberDesk, Blogic, ScratchAudio, EventDay, Convrrt, NextSlide and GiveTheOK. We still think these 7 companies have tremendous potential. Obviously, we are super excited about the two we brought into the AZ Disruptors incubator, but we'd also like to support the others and give them the props they deserve.

Over the next several months, we expect to have more lunch events and we will soon open up applications for our second class of AZ Disruptor companies. In fact, we've put together a promo video this time:

Watch AZ Disruptors Promo Video on YouTube

Thanks to everyone who's helped us get this far. This has truly been a community effort! A special thanks to our judges for Pitch Day: Francine Hardaway, Greg Head, Jim Goulka, Mike Wolf and Steve Zylstra. They took time out of their busy schedule to help get the ball rolling on building a stronger startup community in Arizona.

Stay tuned for our next event (subscribe below to get notified):


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Scratch Audio Pitch at AZ Disruptors Pitch Day

ScratchAudio is a Collaborative online digital audio workstation. Think of it as GarageBand for the web. It allows people to collaborate on the creation of audio/music content.

To learn more about ScratchAudio, watch their pitch:

Watch ScratchAudio's Pitch on YouTube


Scratch Audio: GarageBand for the Web!

There were some excellent presentations at the most recent AZ Disruptors meetup at Axosoft headquarters.  I'm someone who attended the first TechCrunch 40 event; I was recently at Jason Calacanis' LAUNCH event -- and I've gotta say, we have some amazing local talent. At the AZ Disruptors lunches, I'm seeing products, presentations, and founders that easily rival the best of what I've seen in the Bay Area.

Scratch Audio is a top-notch example of this, as is Sean Tierney, Scratch Audio's co-founder.

The product is designed to enable collaboration amongst musicians.  Think GarageBand for the web.  Singer in London, guitarist in New York, synth in Chicago, rythm section in L.A.? No problem.  Float the ideas straight from your imagination to the musical zeroes and ones of Scratch Audio.

Pass it around. Collaborate. Add. Subtract. Enhance. All you need is a browser and some basic equipment like a microphone.

This product really piqued my interest because I'm a regular user of GarageBand, even though I'm not a musician.  I use it for recording the spoken word -- for podcasting.  And this actually opens up an entirely interesting set of new paradigms for the podcasting world, too.  

Check out Sean's great presentation:

This article was written by Angelo Coppola. He is a software industry veteran who currently serves as Vice President of Marketing for Axosoft. Angelo will provide AZ Disruptor classes with mentorship in the areas of marketing, design, and user experience. You can be a mentor, too.


Awesome 3rd AZ Disruptors Lunch

Despite the recent posts about Text Messaging Scams, AZ Disruptors is actually about startups. Software startups. Today, for our 3rd AZ Disruptors lunch, we had a packed house! In fact, we were overflowing and had to stop RSVPs 2 days ago.

The AZ Disruptors offices are also coming along. Contruction of the other half is nearly complete and we are getting excited to have up to five new startups move into this sweet space.

Additionally, we allowed for 5 product demos today. They were short, 5 minute demos and I had every intention of having them recorded and put up here for people to see. I'm extremely bummed that the quality of the recordings were not good enough to be posted and we had some technical difficulties recording some of the demos.

However, here is a brief mention of each:

Scratch Audio by Sean Tierney - Sean demoed Scratch Audio, a web app for browser-based, collaborative multi-track recording. Think of it like this: it's GarageBand in the cloud with multiple users collaborating from across the world to make music together. Nice work!

RunRate by Sean Coleman - RunRate aims to be QuickBooks for the web. Killer features include transaction creation through OCR from a receipt photo and a brilliantly simple user interface. Great job!  

Workables by Jonathan Hegranes - Jonathan demoed how fast and easy it is to both find work or find workers who will perform a job. Workables, which is already operational, uses a streamlined UI that reminds me of Twitter. Nicely done!

Virtual Goody Bags by Danielle Fazio - You know the goody bags you get at conferences and they end up in the trash? Well, Virtual Goody Bags has put those bags in the cloud. Instead of junk, you get real offers that you can retrieve by logging into your virtual goody bag. Good stuff!

Grip Innovations by David Saar - David demonstrated control software and media node from their networked audio solution. The "Grip" system eliminates audio consoles and 90% of the cablining used with traditional products.

Also, my apologies to Will Chase for not having time to demo WebtacularCMS. They've created a CMS system that allows users to setup full-featured web sites in as little as 3 minutes.