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Microsoft Devs: An Event You Shouldn't Miss!

If you are a developer that uses the Microsoft stack, here is an event you shouldn't miss:

AZ Groups Scott Guthrie Event

The event, which is hosted at the Chandler Center for the Arts, is a full day of presentation goodness from Scott Guthrie, the head of Microsoft's developer divisions and Mark Russinovich, Technical Fellow at Microsoft's Platform and Services Division.

If you've ever seen Scott Guthrie present, you know that he's an amazing speaker and he writes code live in front of the audience. He also runs the CLR, ASP.NET, Silverlight, WPF, IIS 7.0 and Visual Studio teams at Microsoft. Basically, he owns the entirety of the Microsoft development platform, yet he finds time to code. 

This event, which is expected to be attended by 500-1,000 software developers in Arizona is 100% Free to the attendees. That's thanks to Scott Cate, the guy who runs the local .NET User Group. Each year, Scott Cate uses his close relationship with Microsoft's Scott Guthrie to bring the Arizona .NET community an exceptional developer event, complete with catered lunch and fantastic presenters. Typically, such events with not nearly the quality of presenters, cost $199 to $399 in the rest of the country. Scott insists on making this event Free. Huge kudos to him!

So go register for this event before they run out of space:

Register for Scott Guthrie Event for Free