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Entries in Pitch Day (16)


Workables Pitch at AZ Disruptors Pitch Day

Workables is a web site that connects people who need to find work or who need to find workers. It's a brilliantly simple, twitter-like interface to post jobs and get submissions for those jobs.

To learn more about Workables, watch the pitch:

Watch the Workables Pitch on YouTube


NextSlide Pitch at AZ Disruptors Pitch Day

NextSlide allows users to mix, share and track interactive, on-demand presentations with slides, video and polls. A presentation is more than just a deck of slides; and more than just a video. A presentation is a mix of audio, video, slides, demonstrations and audience interaction. NextSlide allows an author to combine all of these assets to create, share and track truly interactive, on-demand presentations for maximum impact on the audience.

To learn more about NextSlide, watch their pitch:

Watch NextSlide Pitch on YouTube


Qayto Pitch at AZ Disruptors Pitch Day

Qayto (pronounced kay-toe) transforms the Kinect into a platform that enables people to access live teaching, counseling, and coaching from their living rooms by connecting them with real teachers, counselors, coaches, and fellow participants. This gives people a human learning experience and a presence within a group support system from their living rooms, while also letting each individual in the group maintain their privacy and anonymity.

To learn more about Qayto, watch their pitch:

Watch the Qayto Pitch on YouTube


Convrrt Pitch at AZ Disruptors Pitch Day

Convrrt helps marketers make quick, creative and effective landing pages that don’t suck! This could be a hot market as marketers try to figure out how to make the billions they are spending on Google AdWords be more effective. Changing the conversion rate of an ad from 2% to 2.5% by improving the landing page could mean an extra 25% more revenue for a company.

To learn more about Convrrt, watch their Pitch:

Watch the Convrrt Pitch on YouTube


EventDay Pitch at AZ Disruptors Pitch Day

EventDay is Online software for event management and archiving. Events, even small events, can be complex, expensive and annoying to plan and manage. In addition, for many event planners, the only thing left at the end of an event is a pile of bills to pay. EventDay online and mobile software makes it easy to manage marketing, ticketing, registration, speakers, sponsors and sessions.

To learn more about EventDay, watch their Pitch:

Watch the EventDay Pitch on YouTube


MondayTuesday Club Pitch at AZ Disruptors

MondayTuesdayClub is a member’s based dining-out service, targeting Urban Professionals and Social-Media “Foodies”, that’s built to test-launch in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area and is built to scale nationwide.

To learn more about MondayTuesday Club, watch their Pitch:

Watch MondayTuesday Clube Pitch on YouTube


Webtacular Pitch at AZ Disruptors Pitch Day

Webtacular is a fully hosted Content Management System that allows users to launch a full-featured website in less than 3 minutes. The websites created by Webtacular include everything that a small business would need - photo galleries, calendars, a blog and more.

To learn more about Webtacular, check out their Pitch:

Watch Webtacular Pitch on YouTube


Blimee Pitch at AZ Disruptors Pitch Day

Everywhere you go nowadays you notice a television display on a wall and new ones pop up daily; they are everywhere! They appear in Grocery stores, cafes, restaurants, malls, bars and even gas stations. Blimee provides content for such televisions. Not boring static content, but rather important, engaging bite size information that is happening right within walking distance of that TV’s location.

To learn more about Blimee, watch their pitch at AZ Disruptors:

Watch Blimee Pitch on YouTube


MemberDesk Pitch at AZ Disruptors Pitch Day 

Member Desk makes it easy for anybody to set up a membership site, sell digital information products online and charge their members a recurring subscription for access to their content.

To learn more about MemberDesk, watch the MemberDesk Pitch at the AZ Disruptors Pitch Day event:

Watch MemberDesk Pitch on YouTube


SpeedDate Pitch at AZ Disruptors Pitch Day

SpeedDate.Net is a dating event organizing company. Their software allows speed dating event organizers to manage a speed dating event with ease.

To learn more about SpeedDate.Net, watch their pitch at AZ Disruptors Pitch Day:

Watch SpeedDate.Net Pitch on YouTube