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Next Lunch, AZ Disruptors Offices & Demos

Which is better, iOS or Android? What do you think about Google's new CEO being the co-founder, Larry Page? Is Microsoft still relevent? Is Facebook really worth $50 Billion? Why would Groupon turn down $6 billion offer from Google? AOL paid HOW MUCH for Huffington Post? Who's going to win the battle for streaming TV content: Netflix, iTunes, GoogleTV or Amazon?

If you enjoy discussing these quesitons and chatting about technology, you're going to love coming to an AZ Disruptors lunch. Our next one is going to be on Friday February 25th at 11:30am at Axosoft's offices.

5-Minute Demos

We're going to mix it up a bit by having mini pitches. These will be 5-Minute demos of products or services (existing or wireframes) of things that you're working on. We will have no more than 5 such demos. The demos will be in Axosoft's training room, so you'll have access to a projector and seating for about 20 people. We're going to time the demos and stick to a 5-minute limit to accomodate up to 5 demos.

Anybody can RSVP to demo. Just use the RSVP form below to "Buy a Ticket" for RSVP for Demo. These demos do not have to be for new startups.

Office Tour

We will also tour both Axosoft and the AZ Disruptors offices next door which is currently under construction.


We expect a pact house and we are going to limit it to 30 RSVPs for our next lunch, so be sure to RSVP early if you plan to attend.

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