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iPad 2 Disrupts Again...With a Cover

As would be expected, 1 year after the release of iPad, the disruptive new product that changed the computer industry for good, Apple has introduced iPad 2. The changes were mostly what you'd expect: faster CPU/GPU, front and rear cameras, thinner, lighter, etc. etc.

But there was one other little disruptive introduction: the iPad Smart Cover

Apple - Smart Cover - Cover up, stand up, and brighten up your iPad.:

"The Smart Cover and iPad 2 were made for each other. Literally. Built-in magnets draw the Smart Cover to iPad for a perfect fit that not only protects, but?also wakes up, stands up, and brightens up your iPad. That?s not just smart. It?s genius."

If you haven't seen this yet, it's worth going to the Apple site and watching the video. This $39 (for Polyurethane version) or $69 (for Leather) product is disruptive enough to become a $100 Million+ product for Apple, but more importantly, it's disruptive enough for users to go with an iPad tablet over competing tablets just because of the awesome cover.

Who would have thought that covers or cases had so much room for improvement?