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Let's Get This Party Started

Today marks the start of construction on a brand new 6,000 square foot facility that will eventually be home to a number of software startups in Arizona.

I'm excited that an idea I've been kicking around for a number of years is finally starting to take shape. The idea is simple: Build a place where technology enthusiasts can come together, build cool stuff, and talk to other people who build cool stuff.

The idea is nothing new, not even in Arizona. Some good folks in Chandler (Derek Neighbors and Jade Meskill) have already built a community of technology enthusiasts under one roof at Gangplank. I love what they've done. At Gangplank there are a number of successful software companies benefitting from each other's experiences every day. Companies like Page.ly (wordpress hosting), Authority Labs (keyword rank monitoring) and EventDay (soon to be released event management solution) are just some of the companies that are headquartered in the Gangplank offices. Each company's success adds to the knowledge base concentrated in the Gangplank building. It creates better mentors, advisors, engineers, marketers and designers -- which all help to create more successful businesses.

We need more of that activity in Arizona, and that's what AZ Disruptors is about. We want to help new software startups become successful by bringing them together in a ridiculously productive environment. In this location, there are already a couple of successful, profitable software companies including Axosoft (Agile Project Management Software) and TransferBigFiles.com (rapid file-hosting and sharing solution). We're also lining up a number of super-stars in the tech field that are eager to help (more about that later).

The AZ Disruptors offices are being built adjacent to Axosoft and TransferBigFiles offices in North Scottsdale. Once completed, it will be a single 12,000+ square foot facility.

We expect to be operational with our first set of startups in May of this year, and we have a lot of work to do. If you are interested, be sure to subscribe to this blog either using RSS, Email (see the sidebar to the right) or as a Facebook fan. We will be posting our progress, some ideas on how to build a disruptive company / product, and we'll also be providing instructions on how you can apply to become a part of the activities here at AZ Disruptors.

It's exciting to finally get this party started!