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CEO of the Year Goes to Groupon's Andrew Mason

In case you missed it, the Crunchies CEO of the Year award went to Groupon's Andrew Mason:

Andrew came across as a brilliant, yet extremely modest guy who doesn't take Groupon's leadership position for granted. His short acceptance speech and interview with Michael Arrington gives some insight into Andrew's character.

You can see the entire Crunchies event video here: 


CEO of the Year is 1:45:00 into the video

Here is the CEO of the Year portion:


Watch us Live at the Crunchies Tomorrow Night

One of the companies housed at the AZ Disruptors headquarters is TransferBigFiles.com, a web-based service that allows users to send large files that are too big to email.

Tomorrow night, TransferBigFiles.com will be sponsoring the Crunchies Awards in San Francisco. The Crunchies Award is an event organized by TechCrunch and recognizes a number of different companies, products and individuals who have been instrumental to tech, including Startups.

The event is completely sold out with more than 1,000 attendees. However TechCrunch will be live-streaming the event on their web site. It should be an interesting event to watch as the list of Crunchies award finalists includes the top companies, products and CEOs in technology.

I will personally be presenting the CEO of the Year award on stage to one of the following candidates:

  • Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter
  • Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix
  • Drew Houston, CEO of Dropbox
  • Andrew Mason, CEO of Groupon
  • Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook

Who do you think should win? Leave a comment.


What: Crunchies Awards

When:  Friday the 21st of January at 7:30pm Pacific (8:30pm Arizona Time)

How: Visit the Crunchies Web Site to watch a live stream