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Scratch Audio: GarageBand for the Web!

There were some excellent presentations at the most recent AZ Disruptors meetup at Axosoft headquarters.  I'm someone who attended the first TechCrunch 40 event; I was recently at Jason Calacanis' LAUNCH event -- and I've gotta say, we have some amazing local talent. At the AZ Disruptors lunches, I'm seeing products, presentations, and founders that easily rival the best of what I've seen in the Bay Area.

Scratch Audio is a top-notch example of this, as is Sean Tierney, Scratch Audio's co-founder.

The product is designed to enable collaboration amongst musicians.  Think GarageBand for the web.  Singer in London, guitarist in New York, synth in Chicago, rythm section in L.A.? No problem.  Float the ideas straight from your imagination to the musical zeroes and ones of Scratch Audio.

Pass it around. Collaborate. Add. Subtract. Enhance. All you need is a browser and some basic equipment like a microphone.

This product really piqued my interest because I'm a regular user of GarageBand, even though I'm not a musician.  I use it for recording the spoken word -- for podcasting.  And this actually opens up an entirely interesting set of new paradigms for the podcasting world, too.  

Check out Sean's great presentation:

This article was written by Angelo Coppola. He is a software industry veteran who currently serves as Vice President of Marketing for Axosoft. Angelo will provide AZ Disruptor classes with mentorship in the areas of marketing, design, and user experience. You can be a mentor, too.