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Entries in ASU (1)


ASU Computer Programming Competition

This morning, from 9am to 1pm, the Computer Science club at ASU (it's actually the Woman in Computer Science club but they hardly have any woman in their group - sorry Fred, I have to give you a hard time about this) had their annual programming competition.

Yours truly was one of the judges for the competition. There were some seriously tough problems to solve. In total, there were 10 computer science problems. Students were in teams of 1-4 people and they started the clock at 9am. The Team that solved the most problems correctly would win the competition.

Thank goodness there were pre-defined input and output files that the judges used to score each potential solution. Otherwise, my brain would be hurting right now. With more than 60 students and 30 teams and the possibility of 2 submissions per problem and a choice of programming languages that included Python, Java, C, C++ or .NET, judging the competition got to be quite interesting at times. We had to take submissions and compile them to ensure the code was original and compiled correctly, then use the input and output files to ensure the problem was solved appropriately. It was hectic, but it was fun.

So who wakes up super early on a Saturday morning to prepare for a 9am programming contest? Exactly the type of people that create great software companies and precisely the type of people we're looking for at AZ Disruptors and Axosoft! Yeh, we're geeks. So sue us (that's just a figure of speech people).

Congratulations to all the participants. I also wanted to highlight the winners of the competition:

  • First Place: JDR - Daniel Olivas, James Cotter, Venkataramanan Kuppuswamy
  • Second Place: Blue Bombers Forever - Matthew Brown, Andrew Morgan, Arjun Mukherji
  • Third Place: Team Broadmor - Taylor Smith, Chris White, Patrick McInerney

Great job guys!