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58 Companies Apply for AZ Disruptors Incubator

This weekend marked the application deadline for the AZ Disruptors incubator. We have received 58 applications for consideration in our first AZ Disruptors incubator. Surprisingly, lots of submitters waited until the last day. While we received applications on 27 different days since we started getting the word out back in January, a full 20 of the submissions (34%) happened on the day of the deadline.  Very interesting indeed.

Over the next 2 weeks, we will be contacting every applicant to let them know the next steps in our efforts to pick the top 18 candidates to pitch on the AZ Disruptors Pitch Day on May 20th.

If you'd like to receive an invite to the Pitch Day event, please submit this form to request an invitation. If your invitation is accepted, you will be notified to RSVP in a separate email. The event is free, but invitation is required.

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