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AZ Disruptors Pitch Day Judges Announced

The AZ Disruptors offices are now completely done and furnished. We are now getting ready for the big "Pitch Day" event that's coming up this Friday. There will be 15 startups pitching for up to 5 spots in the AZ Disruptors Software Incubator.

We are excited to have a fantastic mix of people, from angels and investors to entrepreneurs and software CEOs who will be attending this event. Additionally, we are extremely excited about the team of 5 judges that we have lined up:

Francine Hardaway, Ph.D. is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor and now a partner in Stealthmode Partners, an accelerator for growth companies in Arizona and the Bay Area. Her expertise is in bringing tech products to market. She is a founding member of Social Media Club and the founder of the Arizona Entrepreneurship Conferences. She is also a blogger, a beta tester for social media products, and a geek-to-human translator. She blogs for her http://blog.Stealthmode.com, writes The World of Startups Outside Silicon Valley for FastCompany.com and on Huffington Post.

Greg Head has a successful history in the software business with a track record of creating winning products, brands and businesses. He is currently Chief Marketing Officer for Infusionsoft. For over 15 years, Greg helped grow the ACT! contact management and SalesLogix CRM businesses from startups to global brands. He has a passion for helping emerging technology companies with their marketing and growth strategies. 

Jim Goulka is the Managing Director of ATIF—Arizona Technology Investor Forum—the active angel group in Phoenix focused on companies developing new technologies. He is currently CEO of an early stage software company that offers project management tools for large enterprises. In the past he has been CEO of an angel backed software company (sold to Apple), a venture backed software company, and a national technology transfer entity that markets technologies developed by NASA. Jim started his career in corporate finance at units of JPMorgan/Chase andCitibank. He holds two degrees from Yale.
Mike Wolf is a 26 year software veteran with EDS, Capex, Computer Associates, VIASOFT, and Vitrix. As a co-founder of VIASOFT, he helped drive the company from initial startup, to one of Arizona’s most successful software IPO’s. As General Partner of Lobodos Ventures, he has invested in numerous local startups, while mentoring and advising hundreds of young entrepreneurs. He has been a founding Board member for such organizations as the AZ Software Association, AZ Technology Council, AZ Angels, AZ Interactive Marketing Association (AZIMA), and the MIT Enterprise Forum. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Quantitative Systems from ASU, where he supports their Venture Catalyst Program.

Steve Zylstra is President & CEO of the Arizona Technology Council. Steve is a vocal spokesman for the value technology can provide in raising social and economic standards in Arizona and a leading advocate for improving science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education. He has served in numerous technology leadership and advisory roles to the Governor and currently serves on several association, industry and community boards. He also served over 20 years in the aerospace & defense industry as an engineer and executive. Steve earned a bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering technology from Western Michigan University and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Science in Technology from the University of Advancing Technology.

While regretebly, we haven't been able to accomodate everyone who has wanted to attend this event, we will be live streaming the event Friday morning. Be sure to subscribe to the AZ Disruptors News and Blog to stay posted on where you can find the link to watch the event on your own computer:


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