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AZ Disruptors Blog to Cover Local Tech News

As the AZ Disruptors incubator gets close to Phase II (where we actually pick software startups to help incubate), we thought it would make sense for this blog to start covering some of the other news of Arizona-based software companies. Specifically, we want to cover:

  • New Software Startups
  • New Product Launches
  • Major News That Affects Local Software Companies
  • Major Events Targeted Towards Local Software Companies

We need a TechCrunch that's focused on Arizona-based activities. That's what we hope the AZ Disruptors blog can become.

To facilitate the new direction, we've put together a Submit Your News page. This is not going to be a pass-through. Every submission will be reviewed and if deemed appropriate, an article will be written about the submission. We want to keep the quality as high as possible. If you're interested in writing for us on a regular basis, email me at hamids at axosoft.

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