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Intro to AZ Disruptors

We had a great turnout for Friday's AZ Disruptors lunch. In fact, we had a pact house. We had exceeded our max of 30 people and had a standing room when it came to demos. The energy level was fantastic. It was truly exciting to see all the enthusiasm in the room. There are lots of great startup activities going on locally. Stephen Murphey, who was at the AZ Disruptors lunch told us about the new HackSpace at ASU's Skysong building. Hackspace is a place where anybody can go to work on their project or startup and network with others who are doing the same.

Francine Hardaway reminded us about the Startup Digest, a weekly email newsletter that announces current events that relate to technology startups. Be sure to signup!

I had a chance to put together a short presentation that talks about how we expect to support new software startups at AZ Disruptors. Check out the video:

There was also a very cool demo of a new product, which is still in development, called "CityBot - Decision Engine for Travelers" by Greg Solovyev. I think you'll agree this is an impressive product. Check out Greg's 5-minute demo:

A couple of pictures of the event:

Do to the construction sechedule, we're not sure when the the next AZ Disruptors lunch will be, but stay tuned and join us for the next lunch.

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